About Us

TryOn is an Augmented Reality based virtual dressing room app that digitally manages your limitless product options ensuring ease of access and allows you better in-Store merchandise display with a virtual mirror, enabling a rich visual experience.

Rich Virtual Experience

Rich User Interface reads ‘Human Gestures’ and enables your customers to visualize their selected garments and try cloths virtually by simple wave & swipe gestures..

A unique experience of customer engagement, the intuitive gesture controlled user interface of this virtual trail room captures the motion of your customers through the virtual mirror.

The virtual clothing can be super-imposed onto the mirror image of the shoppers, thereby giving them an opportunity to make better buying decisions.

Better Store Management

With the virtual dressing room app, the usage of trial room is reduced thereby ensuring reduced damage to the inventory. A choice of trying maximum dresses virtually in lesser time with rich visualization on the virtual mirror is an additional factor for a better store management.

The photo-accurate virtual dressing room app enables customers to try various clothes and accessories virtually without any inconvenience.

Increase in Sales

Based on augmented reality shopping, this virtual dressing room app empowers your customer with a Virtual Trial Room.he use of the virtual mirror will subsequently make the entire shopping a lucrative business with better customer recall and retention, thereby increasing your sales.